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* Natural RESULTs

* faster recovery

* smallest scars

* exclusive program






The medical term Rhytidectomy:

greek for Removal of wrinkles




Laser treatments

Following surgery, we laser the incision sites. We also laser to tighten and tone your facial skin. Return in 6 months for more.

included in program

therapeutic massage

Successful post-surgical recovery means getting your body to relax and heal. Our licensed massage therapists bring it on with a series of our specialized massages.

included in program

the minimal incision facelift


BENEFITS: A refreshed, healthy look works wonders for a rejuvenated you. Today’s connected world makes it difficult to hide out for weeks after a facelift. Additionally, many do not want the long incisions and moense recovery period that accompanies a more traditional lift. The Minimal Incision Facelift delivers a revitalized look with smaller incisions and a reasonable recovery. You also have the benefit of local anesthesia performed in our out-patient suite as opposed to a stay at the hospital.

DESCRIPTION: The concept of lifting is normally associated with long incisions around the ears and a series of incisions hidden within the hairline. The Minimal Incision Facelift is a less comprehensive lift that concentrates on correcting the most common and visible defects of the aging face. Minimal, in this context then, refers to a modern, selectively targeted approach. The incisions are typically along the front of the ear and are significantly smaller than a traditional lift. Special instruments are inserted and used to pull back tissue from a wider area than what is typical with long incisions.

RISKS: All surgical procedures carry risk. Anyone undergoing surgery must understand that even though the odds of a major event are small, risks from surgery are real. Whenever the skin is broken, there is the possibility of infection, necrosis, swelling, bruising, scarring, discoloration, nerve damage, itching, hematoma, pain, etc. Our goal is safety. We use a local anesthetic to decrease the risks associated with general anesthesia. We have you back for several post-op visits to monitor your healing. We are open 7 days each week and are accessible via email. We work together to reduce risk.


















Lower Rhytidectomy




we also perform

Breast Implant/Reduction

Small, Sagging or overly large.

Body Liposuction & Tightening

Feel good about your body.

Laser Hair Removal

Reduce unwanted hair.

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